MMO Coated Titanium Rubberised Disc Anode 50 Amps

December 13, 2019 at 5:00 PMadmin

Tiaano Disc Anodes are manufactured using titanium, which meets ASTM B 265 Grade 1 or 2 standards, which has been coated with Mixed Metal Oxide or Platinum. MMO coating consists of IrO2/Ta2O5 and is suitable for use in all cathodic protection applications. Because mixed metal oxide anodes have an extremely low consumption rate, the titanium substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anode. The leading anti-corrosion & uniform current distribution characters, outstanding physical and mechanical properties of titanium, niobium, its Platinized anodes and MMO coated anodes are strongly recommended for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) application.

MMO and Platinised Disc, Elliptical, Strip Anodes are developed specifically for protection of Dam and Navigation lock gates. Since our FRP or rubberised disc, elliptical and strip anodes are designed for operation in fresh, brackish and seawater environments - used in other suitable applications includes marine structures, Buried Structures, bellow and above ground Tanks , marine structures, pilings, piers & jetties , well casings , marine structures, pilings, piers, jetties and floating vessels etc.With an optional primary seal spacer gasket, it can be used on the inside of pipes, pumps, water tanks or other curved surfaces too.


Tiaano®, a complete design and fabrication company established in 1992 is into designing, manufacturing and supply of MMO & Platinum plated Titanium and Niobium anodes for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).   Depends upon the customer’s requirement, we manufacture the anodes from copper cored titanium and copper cored niobium too.   Our anodes have gone through the accreditation test by M/s. TWT, London as per NACE standard TMO 294-2001.Either the factory made ‘LIDA’ or ‘CPCC’ connected tubular string anodes; anode tubes; anode strings for offshore platforms protection; civil probe anodes; wire anodes, piggy back anodes, anode flex, canister pack anodes; rod anodes; strip anodes; disc anodes; tank bottom ribbon anodes; mesh ribbon anodes; discrete mesh anodes are also in our scope of production.