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Tiaano®, a well-equipped in-plant facilitated company experts in producing, chemical & Engineering Equipment’s by using inert metals of… Titanium, Tantalum, Platinum, Zirconium, etc., we manufacture Titanium based products has peculiar properties. 

Titanium Rod is a very popular go-to for many products and Chemical Process application. It is used where corrosion resistance is an important criterion. It lends itself to a multitude of products, from fasteners to jewelry also connecting rods. It provides a lighter weight material and higher strength.

Titanium is a low density material, which means that it is ideally meant for chemical process applications that require lightweight components. One industry that makes use of the Titanium Fasteners is the aerospace industry. Since the vehicle has to gain momentum at a rapid pace, using lighter weighing Aerospace Titanium Fasteners aids it to achieve that. The density of the material is lower than that of stainless steel alloys.

Ø  Advantages of Titanium…

Ø  Low weight

Ø  Good current resistance

Ø  Long operating life

Ø  Maintenance free

Ø  Economical

Ø  High dimensional stability and load resistance

Ø  Extremely low consumption rate

Ø  High chemical stability

Ø  High conductivity

Project Details:-

 Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier: Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.

Brand Name: Tiaano

Type: Titanium Rod

Application: Research and Development

Installation at: Anna university Chennai

Inspection by: Customer

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PH: +91 9444569900, 9176883999

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