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Tiaano, a well-equipped in-plant facilitated company experts in Producing, Chemical & Equipments by using inert metals of… Titanium, Tantalum, Platinum, Zirconium, etc. We manufacture Titanium base products. Titanium Rod is an incredibly useful metal that’s used by various industries, including automotive, aerospace and architecture.

Commercially Pure Titanium Rods

Grades 1 to 4 are considered to be Titanium Rod in its purest form. We supply the Titanium Rod in different Grades to accommodate the needs and desires of an array of industries, could you benefit from our stock range?

Grade 1.

When compared to other metallic rods, the Grade 1 Titanium Rod is the softest, most ductile metal that we supply. Having said this, Grade 1 Titanium offers a high level of formability and corrosion resistance, not forgetting impact toughness.

Our Titanium Rods are designed to suit a wide range of applications, including chemical processing, architecture and automotive parts, however, Grade 1 Titanium Rods are also used by the medical industry for surgical implants and equipment.

Grade 2.

Referred to as the commercially pure “workhorse”, Grade 2 Titanium Rods provide useful strength for a vast range of applications. To compare Grade 2 with Grade 1 Titanium, Grade 2 is slightly stronger and offers great weld ability, strength and ductility which ultimately makes it a prime choice of industries.

Grade 2 Titanium rods can be used for similar applications as the Grade 1 ones but is used for power generation, hydro-carbon processing and desalination too.

Grade 4 This Grade of Titanium is Titanium in its strongest form. One of the main reasons why Grade 4 Titanium is so popular is that it provides corrosion resistance and exceptional strength.

Having been discovered by the medical industry, Titanium is used today for medical equipment and implants and this doesn’t just include Titanium Rods! The Titanium Bars and Titanium Sheet come in handy for many different medical applications too.

Alloyed Titanium Rods

Titanium is alloyed with another metal for greater strength. Combining properties of Titanium with other metals will provide a reliable metal that is guaranteed to provide you with the best quality.




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April 18, 2022 at 10:01 PMTiaano

HHO is one of the innovative ideas, which is commonly used in the modern days. By this system, we can reduce the fuel usage and reduce the carbon emission. As well as it will improve the efficiency of the vehicle, generator also. Ti Anode Fabricators Private limited, Chennai is also one of the tough competitors in this field. Most of the companies try to make low class with the low price so some people were interested to get the low price product but it requires regular maintenance and need chemicals or catalyst on regular interval for the successful working and the system automatically stop that working within 6 months because the worth of the system thus much only.

Tiaano Make is the best HHO kits because we use Titanium Anodes in the Kit with the MMO Coating. Titanium is the non corroded material and because of the Metal Oxide Coating on the anode, no need chemicals in future. The warranty for the system is 2 years but it will work for 15 to 25 years because of the Titanium electrode. We can keep the same kit for our vehicles in the life time and move it into the new vehicle.

The Electrodes are placed in the transparent shell. By this we can find the water level of the two wheeler kit. In the heavy vehicles, we will provide the level indicator. By the level indicator, we can find the water level in the tank.

Above details will explain the overall working and the easy maintenance details of the Tiaano HHO kit.


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March 17, 2022 at 7:40 PMTiaano

Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Titanium anode Fabricators in India. Oxy Hydrogen Kit is one of the innovative ideas of them. They built the kit with Titanium electrodes. They were using the Titanium for the long life of the kit also they are expert in making the Titanium anodes.

The Oxy Hydrogen Kit is used to reduce the fuel usage in all type of vehicles. They had the standard design and price list from 100 CC onwards. Kits available for heavy duty vehicles also. They are providing the HHO kit not only for the vehicles for the Generators also. Oxy Hydrogen generators are used for the number of purposes. Which are,

·         Improve the engine efficiency

·         Reduce the carbon deposit in Engine

·         Increase the engine efficiency

Flash arrester

Some of them having the doubts about the HHO getting flash on that but this is totally wrong. In Oxy Hydrogen Kit, no flash will be generated why because 100 percent generated hydrogen can be fed into the engine and the hydrogen can be combust with the fraction of seconds and so no need flash arrester. The flash can be arrested automatically.

Moisture arrester

The moisture can arrest 98% and the 2% or below 2% moisture maybe drawn and there is no need of moisture arrester in this system.

Thus the way the HHO system or Oxy Hydrogen system of Tiaano had successfully working in lot customer’s vehicles in now a days.


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HHO Kit for Auto - 225 CC

January 16, 2022 at 10:26 PMTiaano

Tiaano is the manufacturing company of HHO kit, By the HHO (Oxy Hydrogen) Kit mileage of the vehicles will increase 25 to 35%. It will reduce the fuel usage and increase the engine efficiency.  Water is used to reduce the fuel usage.

Tiaano HHO Kit Specification




Model No.

Tiaano HHO/DD/NS-7


For Engine CC

150 - 225


For Vehicles

Bike and Auto



12 V


Tiaano HHO/DD/NS-7 is used for the bike and auto, because it is acceptable for 150 CC to 225 CC. The electrode is made up of titanium electrode with Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Coating. Because of this, no need any other chemicals and distilled water is the input for always. The life time of the kit is 25 years due to the usage of Titanium electrodes. The power supply of the kit can be taken from the battery available in the vehicles. 12V Supply is enough for upto 1500 CC vehicles. Upto 2500 CC vehicle kit can be adjustable for 12-24 V power supply. More than 2500 CC vehicles like bus or lorry kit need 24V supply.

According to the design, the rated vehicles such as bike and auto kit have a transparent outer shell; by this we can find the water level. It is in small size, easily portable. Less maintenance will be needed.


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