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Tiaano®, a well-equipped in-plant facilitated company experts in producing, chemical & Engineering Equipment’s by using inert metals of… Titanium, Tantalum, Platinum, Zirconium, etc.,

Zirconium Sheets is a versatile material used in a variety of industries. Its high melting point makes it an ideal material for high-temperature applications. Because zirconium is a soft, malleable metal, it can be rolled into thin sheets. In addition, Zirconium Sheets are very resistant to corrosion. Although zirconium is susceptible to corrosion in hydrofluoric acid, the sheet itself is protected from the harmful effects of acids by a nanometre-thick layer of passivation.

Another advantage of zirconium sheet over other metals is that it is soft and malleable at room temperature. This makes it easy to work with. Furthermore, zirconium is resistant to corrosion from acids, alkali and seawater. In addition to these advantages, zirconium sheets also have excellent machining properties.

Zirconium is a rare metal with several interesting properties. It is incredibly resistant to corrosion and has a high melting point. This makes zirconium an excellent material for special applications. Its low neutron capture cross-section makes it useful for the nuclear industry.

Project Details:-

Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier: Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.

Brand Name: Tiaano

Type: Zirconium Sheet

Application: Research and Development

Installation at: Anna university Chennai

Inspection by: Customer

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