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Tiaano® we are one of the most reputed exporter in all types of metals products. We supply our complete range of standard material to many leading Indian Industries & Abroad.

Zirconium is a metal. It does not easily corrode, which means that it doesn't break down easily when exposed to oxygen or water. This means that it can be used to make many useful objects because we don't have to worry that it will need to be replaced frequently.

Zirconium has such a high melting point, it can be used in manufacturing. Zirconium is added to other metals as a lining for furnaces that reach very high temperatures, and to make crucibles, which are containers in which other metals can be melted.

Zirconium is a One of the major applications of Zirconium is as a corrosion-resistant material of construction for the chemical processing industry. Zirconium exhibits excellent resistance to corrosive attack in most organic and inorganic acids, salt solutions, strong alkalis, and some molten salts. In certain applications of Zirconium, the unique corrosion resistance properties can extend its useful life beyond that of the remainder of the plant. Consequently, maintenance costs are reduced and downtime is minimized. Some of the more important areas in the chemical processing industry where Zirconium is being used…  

  • Reboilers,
  • Evaporators,
  • Tanks,
  • Reactor Vessels,
  • Pumps,
  • Valves nuclear applications,
  • Chemical processing,
  • Reactor vessels,
  • Heat exchangers and more..

zirconium sheet

Project Details:-

Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier: Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.

Brand Name: Tiaano

Application: Research and Development

Installation at: Anna University Chennai

Inspection by: Tiaano

License: Scomet License

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Contact us: esurveyor@tiaano.com

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