Titanium Metal Basket – Expanded Mesh basket

April 11, 2022 at 12:03 PMadmin

Titanium is a low density material, which means that it is ideally meant for chemical process applications that require lightweight components. Titanium is an environment friendly and corrosion resistant metal that can be used in aggressive conditions. This eliminates or reduces any type of pollution, metal loss or product contamination.

Advantages of Titanium:-

Titanium is High melting point, High strength, Good toughness, Fatigue resistance, Acid resistance, Alkali corrosion resistance, Low thermal conductivity.

Project Details:-

Tiaano: Manufacturer and Supplier of Titanium Metal mesh Basket

Material Grade: 2 

Type: Expanded Metal Mesh

Anode Application: Hard Chrome Plating Industry, Hard Chrome plating bath

Installation at: Raigad, India.

Inspection by: Tiaano

Titanium basket