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Tiaano ventured and developed an Electrolytic Multipurpose Household sanitizer Generator (T-CLOR)

This is hand held / desk-top, In-Situ sanitizer generator for easy travel. This is self-made disinfectant is safe and harmless, can be used in multifunctional household sanitization, which will produce HOCl / ionized sterilized and neutralized water disinfectant. HOCl is an organic based and non-chemical disinfectant / sanitizer produce all home needs 10 to 20 minutes of brine (mix of edible salt, vinegar and tap water) ionization, HOCl is environment friendly, non-toxic and harmless disinfectant.

This can be used us disinfectant in potable water, Tunnel, Hospital Floor, Class Room, Furniture Clothes, Kitchen, Vegetable Chopper, Gardening, Floor wash etc.. The ratio of dilution (PPM) will be varied depends the application.  Also it kills bacteria, which are obstructing the harvesting / growth of plantation / gardening / irrigation.

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APPLICATION: Sanitization

PURPOSE: Multi Purpose sanitization

MOC: Titanium with MMO Coating



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Tiaano design, Fabrication and Supply of HOCL Solution

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HOCL can refer to Cleaning and Disinfection of an area or an item. The HOCL is mostly used in the food preparation areas and reducing bacteria by cleaning and disinfecting. HOCL Solution are a part of everyday life Disinfection is known to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing microorganisms other than bacterial spores. Disinfection is a significantly stronger process of cleaning than sanitization and is done in different degrees. To avoid becoming infected by germs from surfaces and objects, it is important to wash your hand often. But you can't wash your hands every time you touch something. So it's also important to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and objects.

HOCL Uses:

Ø  House cleaning

Ø  Commercial cleaning

Ø  Industrial cleaning

Ø  Office cleaning

Ø  Using also Fruit and vegetables etc……,

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Tiaano design, Fabrication and Supply of HOCL Solution for Research & Development

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