Titanium Rod as per ASTM Standard with Different Grades

January 16, 2020 at 12:39 PMTiaano

Titanium Rod is a very popular go-to for many products. It is used where corrosion resistance is an important criterion. It lends itself to a multitude of products, from fasteners to jewelry also connecting rods. It provides a lighter weight material and higher strength.

Tiaano offer Titanium Rod as per ASTM Standard Specification in different Grades, different Diameter and Lengths.

Advantages of Titanium Low weight, Good current resistance, Long operating life, maintenance free, economical, high dimensional stability and load resistance, extremely low consumption rate, high chemical stability, high conductivity is provided which resulting in better current distribution entire length of the Rod.

Commercially Pure Titanium are:

         Titanium Grade 1

         Titanium Grade 2

         Titanium Grade 4

         Titanium Grade 5

         Titanium Grade 7


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