Grade one Titanium Expanded Mesh for Electro Plating

February 16, 2022 at 3:55 PMTiaano

We (Tiaano) produce high quality Titanium mesh. Our Titanium mesh products are available in various types of Mesh opening. We can produce Titanium mesh with titanium Grade 1 and 2 by customer’s requirement.

Titanium Expanded mesh offers very high mechanical strength and outstanding corrosion resistance properties. It is widely used as the structural material in the various industrial applications. Titanium produces protective oxide layer that prevents the base metal from corrosive attack in the diverse application environments.

Titanium expanded metal is a strong, durable and uniform open mesh allowing full supply of light, air, heat, fluids and rays while preventing an entrance of unnecessary objects or individuals.

Titanium Expanded Mesh Applications:-

1.         Electro Plating

2.         Electro Winning

3.         Cathodic Protection (CP)

4.         Electro Chemical Equipment

5.         Anodes and Cathode for Electro Chlorination

6.         Metal Recovery

7.         Ionization

8.         Titanium Equipments

Tiaano offer Expanded Mesh as per ASTM Standard in different Grades, different openings and different sizes. Also Tiaano provides Mixed metal Oxides coating and Platinum plating on Titanium Expanded Mesh as Anodes and cathodes for various industrial application.


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