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Tiaano, is one of the leading manufacturer of HHO kits in Chennai. We have a separate design and techniques used to produce the HHO Kits. Design is the most important thing for any product. According to this, we had a perfect design for HHO kit. We design the HHO kit depending up on the engine CC of vehicles as well as the KVA rating of the Generators.

By the use of HHO Kit,

*      Mileage will increase

*      Fuel usage will be reduced

*      Reducing the carbon deposit in the engine

*      Improve the Engine Efficiency

*      Reduce the air pollution

How Does HHO Kit Work?

            It helps the fuel burn completely. Hydrogen has a very fast burn rate and because it’s mixed the air, it gets more of those fuel droplets to burn completely. It will help to reduce the carbon deposit in the engine part so the emission of hydrocarbon will be reduced.

Hydrogen burn at very fast at 40,000 feet per second vs. gasoline which burns 1/10 of that at only 4000 fps

Is HHO Kit Safe?

            HHO gas goes through the hose connected on the top of the bubbler and filtered to the engine so this product is 100% safe.

HHO Kits – Oxy Hydrogen Gas Kit

            HHO is a proven gas to reduce the carbon deposit and reduces the harmful emission of hydrocarbons. HHO gas is an additive booster of fuel. It is used to burn the 90% of fuel.

HHO Works in It will work in all engines currently using gasoline (petrol), diesel, bio diesel, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LPG (Liquid Propane Gas).


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