September 16, 2021 at 7:12 PMTiaano

Titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap have beneficial properties and characteristics. This scrap material can be recycled in order to meet the increasing titanium demand. The hard and corrosion resistant titanium scrap is light in weight and has high melting temperature. This high temperature metal scrap is irreplaceable. There are different types and grades of Ti scrap, for instance mixed titanium solids, titanium turnings, titanium sponge / residues, etc., which can be recycled for obtaining pure titanium.

The major supplier of the titanium scrap is aerospace industry. Airplane engines, structural components, spacecrafts and satellites contain titanium. Apart from aerospace industry, this metal is also used in medical industry.

The by-product of titanium is Ti chip, which can be recycled by hydrogenation. Hydrogenation can be performed by exposing to H2 gas at higher pressure and / or temperature for several hours or slow cooling in order to maintain maximum hydrogen content.

Industrial Applications:

The low density, corrosion resistant Titanium scrap finds use in several industries, such as:





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