An overview of Titanium Sheet in various application

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Titanium are principally used for chemical process area where strength, Corrosion resistance, lightweight and ability to withstand extremes of temperature. It is 40% lighter than steel but as strong as high-strength steel. Titanium is an enormously useful metal. Its unique properties mean it sees widespread usage in an array of critical applications. Many applications require complete non-magnetic tools to be used in order to avoid any magnetic disturbance. 

 Commercially Pure Titanium are:

Ø  Titanium Grade 1

Ø  Titanium Grade 2

Ø  Titanium Grade 3

Ø  Titanium Grade 4

Ø  Titanium Grade 5

Ø  Titanium Grade 6

Ø  Titanium Grade 7

Ø  Titanium Grade 11

Tiaano offer Titanium Sheets as per ASTM Standard specification in different type of thickness, specification, grades and dimensions. Titanium Sheets has dissimilar forms such as Round, Square, Flat, Hex, and have a soaring temperature treatable together with strength and ductility with supreme fabricability and weldability.

Titanium Sheets are majorly used in turbine airframe and engine square-parts, together with the use in surgical implants. They are as well used in a range of chemical practice equipment as well as in aeronautical and marine applications. Titanium sheets are extensively used in diverse applications industry, and are formed from urbane technology and superior grade of raw materials with newest characteristics.

Also we are supplying various available materials as per customer requirement. View our Material selection guide to select the material as per its withstanding capacity in different medium, Environment and temperature.


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